Denham Springs Antique District

Take A Walk Back In Time In Antique Village
Denham Springs, LA

Stroll through Denham Springs Antique District and you will discover that most of the clientele are female. Many of these women have the same problem in life. They love to go shopping at antique stores but have trouble getting their male friends to go along with them. This especially can be a problem for couples. Instead of griping at them, because we all know men never listen, get them involved in looking for their own antiques with a trip to Denham Springs Antique Village. Here are some suggestions that the man in your life might enjoy collecting.

One suggestion is beer paraphernalia including Victorian beer advertising, kitschy stuff from the 1940s and 1950s, and lighted neon signs that hung above Louisiana’s most popular bars for years. In fact, collecting beer paraphernalia is a great way to decorate a man cave and is so popular that collectors have even coined a term for it which is breweriana.

There is no doubt about it; men love their vehicles. From the first car they owned to the latest sports car, ask just about any man about a car, and they will have a story to tell. Therefore, many men enjoy collecting vintage license plates. Others choose to take their collection a step further by collecting vintage hood ornaments and some even take it to the extreme by collecting vintage car parts.

If your man is telling you that he would rather be on the golf course than spending time at an Antique Village, then collecting antique golf equipment may be the right collection for him. Some collectors choose to specialize in wooden-handled golf clubs while others choose to specialize in collecting a certain style of ball like gutty balls or rubber core balls. Some even choose to collect old golf magazines.

When you get a man interested in his own antique collection, then you will find that a trip to Denham Springs Antique Village is high on everybody’s agenda. In case that doesn’t work drop him off at the Bass Pro shop and come have fun by yourself.

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Streets are full during the Fall and Spring Festivals in Antique Village also known a the Denham Springs Antique District.

Old Denham Springs City Hall - Louisiana

Old Denham Springs Jail Cell at the Old City Hall

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